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Executive Role Descriptions

P&C Executive Committee Role Descriptions

The Menai Public School P&C has five executive positions: President, two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary.

All positions become vacant annually at the AGM which is held at the first P&C meeting of the year. Nominations are accepted at the AGM and all financial members attending the meeting are eligible to vote to elect the office bearers.

The roles and responsibilities of the P&C office bearers are attached


  • Ensures the successful function of the association, the attainment of its objectives, the consistent adherence to its constitution & has a responsibility to foster the fair participation of all members
  • Chairs the P&C general meetings & Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Assigns co-ordinators to each fund raising event/activity on the P&C Events Calendar in a timely manner
  • Participates in sub-committees as required
  • Represents the Association when issuing public statements and at official functions


  • Responsible for the sound financial management of the Association
  • Receives & deposits all monies in a timely manner
  • Keeps all the proper accounting records of income, expenses, assets & liabilities
  • Draws cheques
  • Prepares financial statements (income & expense report; balance sheet) for presentation at P&C general meetings
  • Presents all records for auditing each year & ensures the audited accounts are tabled for adoption at the AGM
  • Ensures sufficient cash is made available to co-ordinators of fund raising activities
  • Prepares an annual budget & report on performance against the budget
  • Ensures the correct bank signatories are maintained
  • Ensures all expenditure is supported by the proper documentary evidence (e.g. receipts) & authorised by members at a general meeting
  • Ensures adequate insurance is maintained


  • Completes the President’s duties in his/her absence or when invited to do so by the President (e.g. chair the P&C general meetings)


  • Principal administrative officer of the Association & is responsible for recording the decisions of the meeting, unless otherwise stipulated
  • Maintains a register of all financial (voting) members (i.e. paid annual fees of gold coin) which is to be updated after each general meeting if new members join.
  • Maintains a register of email addresses for the P&C Community (for all mail-outs and general correspondence).
  • Prepares & distributes, in consultation with the President, all meeting agendas
  • Documents & distribute minutes of the P&C general meetings & AGM (detailing time, date & location of the meeting, the members in attendance, the apologies accepted, the identity of the Chairperson & every formal decision which was supported by majority vote).Completes & submits all required forms required for legal operation of the P&C in accordance with Federation guidelines
        4R Hall Drive, Menai, 2234.
Phone:9543 4924
Fax: 9543 7363
Email: menai-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au