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  • Formed to undertake specific planning &/or management tasks on behalf of the Association
  • Designed to make it easier for members to contribute their time & provide input into P&C decision making without taking on the formal Executive roles or attending all general meetings
  • Designed to spread the work load of the President & other Executive members


  • Have delegated authority & are fully accountable to the Association.
  • Ad-hoc Sub-committees:  these are formed to do specific tasks and cease to exist after these tasks have been completed.
  • Standing Sub-committees: These have an ongoing role are elected annually at, or confirmed by, the Association’s AGM.
  • Preferably 2-5 members to spread the load while keeping it manageable
  • A proper sub-committee must:

o         Be elected by the Association

o         Conform to the rules of operation drawn up or endorsed by the Association

o         Report regularly to the Association

o         Hand over any profits which may have resulted from the sub-committee’s activities, after all operations costs have been met.

The President & the school principal are both ex officio members of all sub-committees, i.e. can attend (must be given notice of formal meetings, though inability to attend does not mean meetings have to be cancelled or delayed), but cannot veto or gag discussions

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