Reading Recovery


Reading Recovery is a support program that is designed for children in Year One who have not begun reading in the first year of school. Two children are chosen to work with over a period of between 15- 20 weeks. This selection process is quite thorough and involves a battery of tests as well as input from the Year One class teachers and the Learning Support Team. Each child has a lesson once per day for a half an hour. The aim is to improve the child’s reading level to at least instructional level 16. At the end of the lesson series the children may have completed 80 or more individual lessons.

The individual lessons involve hearing the children read two familiar reading books and taking a written record of reading behaviours on a third familiar book. The children use magnetic letters to improve their letter recognition speed and then write a short story which is examined during progress to see that the student is hearing and recording the correct sounds within words. This time is also helpful in teaching the student how to go about writing known and unknown words as they return to their individual classrooms. We often break down the words with various endings which can be used with other words. The sentence is written on cardboard and sliced up to be then reconstructed by the student. The student is introduced to a new text that will slightly extend his known skills set and is given some homework which involves reading a familiar text and reconstructing the story written at school.

This is a fairly intense program which has shown excellent results over many years.

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