Student Representative Council


Menai Primary School has a Student Representative Council (SRC) who meet on a fortnightly basis throughout the school year. At the beginning of each school year, students vote for the most suitable boy and girl in their classroom to represent their class in the SRC and give their classmates a voice on the issues that matter to them. Prefects, captains and sport house captains/ vice captains are also part of the SRC. The SRC’s main focus is working together to promote our school’s ‘Menai C.A.R.E.S’ values program. They have set up an initiative that runs daily to encourage student’s to be on the lookout for others in the school displaying the C.A.R.E.S values in everyday school life and behaviour. The values are – cooperate, achieve, respect, encourage and safety. Each morning a student is selected by an SRC representative to ‘seek out’ another student in the school displaying a particular value. For example, the ‘seeker’ of the day might be on the lookout for another student showing respect in the classroom or cooperation on the playground. The program has been successful in identifying desirable behaviours in students as well as encouraging and reminding them of the importance of these values. Alongside this, the SRC also organises and runs several fundraisers throughout the year. Our main fundraising support goes to ‘Stewart House’ as well as continuing to sponsor our bilby at Taronga Zoo.


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